Piezoelectric and capacitive hybrid resonator

Two of the most demonstrated MEMS resonators are piezoelectric and electrostatic-based devices. Coincidently, it happens that both technologies advantages are each other's disadvantages. This research project proposes the idea of combining both piezoelectric and capacitive into one hybrid resonator. The primary goal of this project will be focusing on producing a High-Q hybrid resonator that addresses the drawbacks of traditional contour-mode mechanical resonators. The initial strategy is to streamline the fabrication of a capactively transduced resonator using chemcial mechanical polishing(CMP) technique. In addition, the hybrid resonator's nonlinearity will be investigated for future application sucha s MIXLERs(mixer and filter) and oscillators.

Latest Updates

July 31, 2012

Julio passed his Ph.D defense.

Congratulations, Dr.Dewdney.

July 20, 2012

Lab Moving

Lab moving from ENB 149 to IDRB building.

May, 2012

I-Tsang passed his Ph.D candidate defense.