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As RF-MEMS research group, we have facilities for both RF measurement and MEMS fabrication.


Our Processing/Testing Lab



Nanotech Research and Education Center

The NREC is a university-wide user fabrication and metrology center providing state-of-the-art equipment, professional support personnel and infrastructure to enable multidisciplinary research in nanomaterials and nanomanufacturing methods related to fundamental materials science, sensors, actuators, electronics, bio-systems, medical products, optics and integrated nanoscale systems. The Nanotech I facility supports research projects of faculty, graduates students, undergraduates, and industrial researchers.. For more information such as facilities and staff, please click here.



Wireless and Microwave Information Center

Wireless and microwave information (WAMI) Center carires forward a strong heritage of RF&microwave research that dates back tothe university's founding in 1956. Today the center provides a diverse offering of RF measurement research and education. The center places a strong emphasis on its partnerships and support from the local and national industry, and together with its graduate student researchers pursues its mission to advance the state of knowledge in the wireless and microwave field. For more information such as facilities and staff, please click here.



Our Grants


5 Active Research Grants from NSF
  • ECCS (2), CMMI (1), CHE (1), CBET (1)
8 Industrial Research Contracts
  • Draper Lab (2 year project)
  • Raytheon (3 year project)
  • SRI International (Two 3-year projects)
  • Nano CVD Co. (2 year Project)
  • Novellus Systems (3 year Project)
  • Modelithics Inc. (multiple year effort)
  • Florida High Tech Corridor
  • Plasma Therm

Latest Updates

July 31, 2012

Julio passed his Ph.D defense.

Congratulations, Dr.Dewdney.

July 20, 2012

Lab Moving

Lab moving from ENB 149 to IDRB building.

May, 2012

I-Tsang passed his Ph.D candidate defense.


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