RF MEMS Transducer Group

Nscrypt Table Top 3Dn Multi-Material Printer

Nscrypt Table Top 3Dn is mutli-material, multi mode printer. it uttlizes differnt additive manufacturing methods namely Fused Deposition Modelling(FDM) and Direct Ink Writing(DIW) printing of thermoplastic substrates and silver metal ink, respectively.

The FDM gizmo of the printer is used for highly integrated and automated manufacturing of RF and Microwave substrates (thermoplastic).

Micro-dispensing(DIW) feauture of the printer allows for pattering of mettalic traces for a complete manufacturing of high frequency printed circuit boards(PCB) in the same go.

ExOne Innovent+ Metal Bounder-Jet Printer

The Innovent+ metal 3D printer is a multi-purpose additive platform that has a smaller footprint and is ideally suited to support training and testing or printing methods on a smaller scale in universities, laboratories, and other research and development environments. As a 3D printer that prints high-resolution metal with increased dust control it offers the most advanced powder dispensing on the market.

Research Works using these facilities

Direct Digital Manufacturing of functional PCB Modules

Additive manufactring allows for automated and diverse packcging techniques which are cost effective and fast compared to tradtional manufacturing methods.

Precise Maching of 3D-printed Metallic Ink using Laser

A proof of demo multi-chip LNA module interconnected microdispended metalic traces, which were machined using integrated laser.

3D printed patch antennas with composite filaments

Both FDM and DIW were combited to print functionalling patch antennas. Substrates were printed using composite which were developed in group's lab.